Hello Brigitte, just a quick note to say a big big thank you for all the efforts made to sell our house. We really appreciated your professionalism and your commitment without forgetting the nice touch of constant humor. You accompanied and informed us throughout the sales process which was very pleasant and created a stress-free sale. Thanks again!

Maja et Jacques

We highly recommend Brigitte’s services as a real estate agent. She is a true professional with excellent knowledge of the local real estate market. Brigitte helped us find our cottage in the Laurentians and she planned our visits over the weekends by scheduling the itinerary to the minutes. Always available, she answered all our questions and went over and beyond her mandate to provide advice on property maintenance and services in the area. We have also used her recommendations for property inspection and legal professionals and we have been very pleased with their services. In a nutshell, Brigitte helped us getting what we wanted within tight market conditions for the price we were willing to pay. Thank you Brigitte for such an excellent service! It was an enjoyable experience working with you!

Carmen et Liviu
Toronto, Ontario

Hello Brigitte, We wanted to thank you for your help in the purchase of our house. We have realized how essential it is to have an agent who guides us through the many administrative details of such a transaction and who also follows up with the various stakeholders so that deadlines are met. Throughout the process you have been available, efficient and reassuring. It allowed us to feel confident and respected in our approach. We also wanted to highlight the essential role that you played during the negotiations. You showed great flexibility which was decisive in the success of the transaction. And we are very grateful. Thank you for everything. See you soon. André and Nicolas xx

André et Nicolas

A word to say that I really enjoyed doing business with Brigitte Pilon. I found in her not just a good real estate agent but a friend who understood me and who worked according to my needs and my tastes. Thanks to you.

Muguette Corriveau

My family and I had planned a weekend visit to the Tremblant area to visit prospective cottage properties. We had booked a hotel room for the weekend and the realtor that was helping us canceled all of our showings at the last minute leaving us with nowhere to turn. We made several calls and were so fortunate to have found Brigitte. She rearranged her schedule to ensure that we could see all the properties we had planned to visit. She listened attentively to what we were looking for and was extremely knowledgeable about the area. She made us feel confident in the decision we made and walked us through the entire process from beginning to end, always in a pleasant and helpful manner. Thank you so much Brigitte for helping us realize our cottage dream!

Tracy & Bob

Brigitte was referred to me by a friend who knows the real estate market of the region. My friend told me "she is good, professional, hardworking, competent and in addition she is very kind", so I can assure you that everything my friend told me is very true. Thank you for your involvement, your professionalism. Feel free to contact Brigitte for the sale or purchase of your property, you will not be disappointed I assure you.


It's easy to praise someone when she deserves it. Brigitte sold our house in one day, when for two years and two different agents had tried, without any result. She is not afraid to give her time and experience, she gives you exactly the advice needed to sell more quickly, she tells you the real things and from there you can make your decisions by being more enlightened. Brigitte knows the market and with her kindness and optimism she puts everyone at ease and I think this is very important when you are making a big transaction. It is important to trust, this is what we did and we do not regret it, I recommend her to all my friends! Thanks Brigitte

Gilles et Solange

Brigitte What a great experience! Brigitte, you were the only one to give us real service, after 4 tests with brokers. Besides, you were not even obliged to help us because you were the broker of the seller and not us buyers. The first day we met you, you showed up on time. After the visit you even offered to help us find a house, which others have all tried to avoid, due to our situation: I was unemployed and my fiancée on call for a new job. This is when I realized we had found someone who really wanted to help us find a home. I remember calling you to talk about a problem pertaining to the house after the promise to purchase was accepted. You contacted the owner to mention our problem / worry and you succeeded in finding a solution, it really impressed us. I can guarantee you that we will never forget you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Brigitte!

Jonathan Lachaîne

We live in Toronto and were very interested at an investment property in Quebec. Mrs. Brigitte Pilon, made an effort to meet with us over a long weekend as well as accommodating to our both short visits to Quebec. She has walked us through purchasing process in Quebec, which differs a bit from Ontario and had given us the confidence in the investment we were pursuing. We are really happy and grateful with all the help that she has provided us and would without hesitation recommend her service.

Steen & Calland

"It is without any hesitation that we recommend Brigitte Pilon, as a real estate broker: Buyers from the house of one of her clients, we felt assured and reassured throughout the process of acquisition of the property. Professional and involved, she knows the field of real estate from A to Z! The most wonderful thing is that she does so without ever neglecting the human aspect, which is so important when buying a property. Warm and listening, Brigitte knew how to create during our exchanges a nice complicity, embedded of a beautiful simplicity, which has greatly contributed to create an atmosphere and a dynamic that allowed us to always feel comfortable, In all circumstances, and so to be able to ask all the questions we had, without hesitation. Open and available, Brigitte also stands out for its ability to find solutions adapted to each situation. She has demonstrated a superb ability to favor the creation of a communication bridge, between the saleswoman and us, the buyers. With each of the questions coming to our heads, every doubt that arose, the reflex soon became: "Let's call Brigitte!" Thank you again for your beautiful contribution to the realization of a dream, which could thus become reality! Thank you Brigitte !!!

Martine et Roger

Brigitte If I trusted you it is not only because you inspire trust but also in your way of taking things in hand, I never felt the burden of regular visits, the home staging, which you took care of with such professionalism, and the selling of the house. All I had to do was sign at the Notary’s office. You have every reason to deserve my trust and I would deal with you anytime. Thank you again Brigitte ... Nycol


I appreciated the speed with which you sold my house. Your personalized service, the attention that you give your clients, the answers to my questions are assets for a real estate broker. Thank you very much.

Gilles Lampron

Brigitte sold my house in September 2016 after almost 2 years of hard work. She did not have a big profit to make because I had a small house and in addition in a very small village. But I must say that she has done everything possible to sell it (several visits, home staging with different furniture and decorative objects belonging to her, dozens of long distance calls, about fifty emails and more). Living outside the region, Brigitte took care of everything and I knew I could trust her. I was not disappointed as she sold it to lovely people. I highly recommend her.

Nycol Lapointe

Brigitte Pilon is friendly with a lot of interpersonal skills. Right from the first meeting, one feels confident. Brigitte has this efficiency that is sought. A woman of action who does not count her hours of work, Dedicated, discreet and very professional. Throughout the process, we felt she was working for us. Thanks to Brigitte, we are moving to a new stage in our lives, THANK YOU!

Danielle et Jacques

Brigitte I thank you for your good services. You guided us well and accompany my family & I, allowing us to realized our beautiful project : the purchase of a condo in Mont-Tremblant. Despite the small inconveniences of all the stages of the purchase, we felt your support and you advised us well and reassured us. Continue to do your good work and a big thank you again for your good exemplary service!

Marjolaine Hébert

Brigitte I am very satisfied with my acquisition. For sure I will refer you, you gave me very good service. Keep it up, you're the best.

Jocelyn Dubé

Notice to all !!! Brigitte is a fighter. She does not refuse any offer. She does not judge. She works hard to make things happen. She never lets go. She goes for it. She gets what her client wants. I bought 2 properties difficult to negotiate with Brigitte in a short time. She will still be my representative for my next acquisition.

Patrick Bohémier

Hi Brigette, October 9, 2019 Hope you are well… I wanted to thank you so much for getting our condo in Mont Tremblant earlier this year!  Your expertise and patience with my many questions throughout the buying process was outstanding and top notch! Yes, I may ask a lot of questions (sometimes repeated questions) but that’s just me…I need to be thorough and feel confident in what I’m buying. Not sure if you remember but the first time I spoke with you was about 1 year ago. I called you out of the blue about information on another place as I was just looking at the time and trying to understand the marketplace. I was impressed with your many years of experience in both the real estate marketplace and your financial background. Very rare to have the knowledge & expertise in both fields in one person! Instead of just answering my questions and hanging up…you took your time to answer all my questions and explain the various factors involved in purchasing a property! You gave me so much information and understanding of the marketplace…and I wasn’t even your client, just someone who called you out of the blue! I remember saying at the time and obviously again now, you knew your stuff and you would be the person I would want to represent me when the time came to buy my property. Well, one year later when I was looking at the marketplace again. I came across your name representing some properties…I immediately remembered you from our conversation from a year ago… I called you and became your client and you found my condo and the rest is history…  Again, your expertise & knowledge of the marketplace and your many years of experience and your patience with me was Priceless!!! Thank you and wishing you a wonderful day, Don

Don Ross

For several years, we cherished the dream of having a second home in Tremblant. In less than two month, Brigitte was able to help us achieve it. What are Brigitte's strengths that have made us success? She masters the art of not putting pressure on us, she has an intimate knowledge of the market, and she knows how to help us understand our requests and needs. In short, she listens to her customers. thank you,

André Ruest et Françine Gingras

A satisfied customer A quick note to thank you. I really made the right choice with you. I really liked your professionalism, always listening to my requests, I never felt that my questions bothered you, your explanations were always clear and precise. Your availability, always with a smile. My new life begins and I thank you for it.

Monique Bergeron

Brigitte is the best real estate agent we have worked with. She is very kind, professional and hard-working. She sold our Mont-Tremblant condo in a short period of time in a very competitive market. She guided us through the sales process every step of the way and was always available for questions and advice. We would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get their real estate transaction done quickly and professionally.

Guang et Denise

Brigitte Pilon is extremely good at researching recent sales of similar properties, analyzing trends, and then determining the most appropriate price-points. This early stage “homework” is extraordinarily important, and unfortunately is a rare skill. This thorough background work pays off in spades for everyone! In addition to being completely thorough, Brigitte Pilon is also very positive, experienced, very well-informed, super organized, and quick to reply to enquiries. These positive qualities of Brigitte Pilon are the reasons she develops a good rapport with all (seller, potential buyers, notaries, other interested parties). In short, Brigitte Pilon is highly recommended as an effective real estate agent.

Graham G.

Brigitte Pilon recently sold our five bedroom condo in Cap Tremblant in a market which is challenging to say the least. She worked diligently to identify clients who had the interest and means to buy the property. As out of area sellers, she identified a notary and communicated with us electronically so that we did not have to undertake unnecessary journeys to and from Tremblant during the selling process. We have no hesitation in recommending her highly. Thanks, Brigitte, for a job well done.

Sandra & Charles Bassett

Brigitte sold our condo much quicker than we had ever anticipated .....for a price we never imagined we would get! Professional , hardworking and energetic ! It was a true pleasure to work with her and we would recommend her services to anyone. You will not be disappointed !

Lisa Phillips

Wow simply! In addition to selling in 3 weeks at the asking price we received impeccable service! Brigitte is always available and she answers our questions very quickly. Thanks again for your help! 10/10

Anthony Samuels